Microcredit, also known as microfinance, is the provision of small loans, often as little as $75, to the destitute poor in the developing world who have no access to the formal banking system. They live in a cash society with no means, apart from our help, to begin their climb out of poverty.

Small loans enable the destitute poor to start a business or expand an existing business and become self reliant. Loan repayment terms are normally one year and structured properly, loan repayment rates are 95%.

Microcredit also typically involves the provision of basic financial and educational services: savings & insurance products; basic healthcare services (ie sanitation & hygiene awareness); and basic business services (ie Business planning elements).

Access to basic financial, health, and educational services is critical to the well being of all families, including the destitute poor in the developing world.

Empower Global has established and funded various Microcredit Operations - primarily in Bangladesh. See Bangladesh home page for details.