Love A Child Report - near Port au Prince

Over 30,000 people have been "impacted" by our Mobile Medical Clinics - including the Vaccination and Cholera Programs.

The Mobile Medical Clinics help the people and children of Haiti in many ways. The infrastructure of Haiti has either "no roads," or poor roads. Often, these are just "pig trails" through the mountains...very few doctors or nurses can get to these villages to provide medical help, because they do not have "tough all-terrain vehicles" to make the difficult trips.

The Mobile Medical vehicles have made it possible to take doctors and nurses into remote villages, treating over 3,000 people in the past two years. Some people were so ill that they were transported to a hospital in the city. Many of those treated were mothers and fathers – and saving the lives of the parents has a great impact on the whole family.

The Mobile Medical Clinics were used while working in the Refugee Camps - women were delivering their babies in unsanitary conditions.
Each time we travel to the "regions beyond," the Mobile Clinics touch and impact thousands of people. Imagine the impact of bringing Cholera patients down from a mountain village. If these patients were not treated, they would die - and also contaminate the entire village - possible killing hundreds more.

The Mobile Clinic Vaccination Program & Community Health Outreach

A Cholera Epidemic hit Fond Parisien in November, 2010. The Love A Child (LAC) Clinic is responsible for the people living in the Fond Parisien zone, including the thousands located in very remote mountain villages. Cholera strikes quickly, leaving the victim unable to travel, especially the rough mountain terrain. And those living in the remote areas must travel by foot or donkey. During the first two weeks following the onset of Cholera in this region, one of the LAC Mobile vehicles was taken from its regular activity as Community Clinic and placed on call 24 hours a day at the Cholera Treatment Center (CTC). This ambulance made hundreds of trips, day and night, into the extremely remote mountain areas to pick up patients dying of Cholera. These people would have died without the ambulance transportation. The lives of hundreds were saved because they were able to get to the CTC in time. Very sick mothers and fathers would have left children without parents or would have infected others within the village, if not for the fast response of the LAC Ambulance.

The Love A Child Clinic offers a Vaccination Program to the Fond Parisien zone 3-4 days a week. The ambulances make this program possible by taking a team of twelve to extremely remote mountain areas. In these remote areas, vaccinations have not been possible. Now, thanks to the ambulances and vaccines, many children and pregnant women are saved from a terrible death. These ambulances can travel anywhere and we are reaching areas that have never been received medical care. In the beginning of the program, there were three areas where vaccinations had never been offered. This is changing...200-250 children in each of these areas are currently receiving vaccinations, with the goal of each child completing a full series. This program would not be possible without these ambulances taking the team to the regions beyond, where there are no roads. In one three month period, the ambulances made it possible to give 3,382 vaccinations.

We want to thank the Empower Global team for these Mobile Medical vehicles which have now impacted over 30,000 Haitians.

We are now planning to add HIV and Family Planning (Birth Control) to our Vaccination and Community Outreach Programs. This outreach will save many lives affected with HIV who are too far from clinics to receive medical care. Our Family Planning outreach will affect many women, whose health is already too poor to bear children. Many of these women have 8-10 "malnourished children," and cannot afford birth control.

The Mobile Medical Clinics have allowed us to do much more than "medical care." The Mobile vehicles allow us to "bring hope" to those who could never afford a doctor, nurse or medicine.