Also known as Living Assets 

Empower Global's focus is long term sustainable development. Together with local business leaders, we enable small entrepreneurs to diversify and expand their businesses.

We use flexible and proven business models to ensure maximum impact. Our approach includes organizing beneficiaries into groups of five for mutual support and encouragement as well as for accountability purposes. Helping people help themselves restores dignity and hope and also builds confidence and trust.

Empower uses a phased community development approach. Each program phase builds on earlier successes.

Phase 1 - Home Food Security focuses on improving the health and vitality of Haitians by introducing nutritious home grown vegetables that are available year round through sustainable home gardens. This phase combines knowledge, seeds, garden implements and 400 sq ft of soil into a healthier better fed family. Garden surplus is sold to supplement income.... It also is the 1st step in restoring confidence and dignity. Average cost per person is $41.US ( per family) $205 for a group of five.

Phase 2 - Living Assets, focuses on providing a "living loan" consisting of one or more of; goats, rabbits, poultry, pigs,. cows, etc. The first member of the group of 5 who receives a living loan repays the loan by contributing the same number of living assets to the next one in line in the group of 5 until all members have benefited. The last member repays the living loan back to the program. Technical training and assistance is provided to ensure the success of the program. Each member must contribute the equivalent of $15. US to receive a benefit of $200. US in livestock. A living loan costs about $200. This amounts to $1000 to support a G5.

SEE LIVING ASSETS for more info and "ways to give".