Gardening Program

In order to bring sustainable economic development programs to northern Haiti, Empower Global is partnering with a number of local organizations. Together with local business leaders, we are implementing a model for sustainable small business creation and growth

The "graduation model" outlined below is widely used around the globe to assist the ultra poor who are unemployed and generally lacking the necessary skills to earn a living. The images below are from the "gardening program" in northern Haiti.

In northern Haiti, where soils are very fertile, we are providing gardening training to help families grow their own food. Using proven methods from South Africa, instruction is provided on how to prepare high yield garden plots - capable of producing nutritious and large quantities of vegtables, etc.  

To-date, over 250 families have been provided training on "how to" grow a proper garden. In addition, they have received "basic life skills " training covering - nutrition, hygiene, sanitation, health awarenees, and basic entrepreneurial skills training. 



Our approach to community development is to use the - "Graduation Model" - also known as a "Staircase out of Poverty" whereby the poor climb out of poverty a step at a time. The phases or steps in the program include –

Introductory Training: Basic Life Skills including Health awareness training and confidence building.

Phase 1: Home Food Security - Training is provided and practical experience is obtained by developing gardens with good soil quality - and capable of producing high quality produce. Solidarity groups are formed (groups of 5, aka "G5") for both encouragement and accountability.

Phase 2: Asset Transfers - Also known as "living assets" - are provided to establish income generating assets (e.g. goats, chickens, rabbits, pigs, cows, etc.). Repayment is in the form of asset transfers to other G5 groups - animal offspring, crop harvest, etc.

Phase 3: Functional Skills Training - Training is provided that is appropriate to the business contemplated.

Phase 4: Microcredit – Once members have an income generating business (i.e. a small business) they may qualify for a small loan to expand or diversify their business. Micro lending is done through the G5 structure where members cross guarantee each other's loan – thereby providing the "social guarantee" necessary to ensure loan repayment.

The goal of the multi-phase program is for members to "graduate" from one level (step) to the next until they have the confidence (will), skills and resources necessary to build their income generating capacity - and provide for the needs of their families in a sustainable manner. 

How you can help – please call us to discuss how you can contribute your time, skills, experience, and funds to support this program.

- $100 provides funding for assets such as chickens, rabbits, goats.

- $500 provides funding for assets such as pigs & cows.

- $1000 provides funding for a training session - Functional Skills.