Vaudreuil, near Cap Haitien

We have partnered with Dr Rodney Baptiste in Vaudreuil near Cap Haitien to conduct periodic mobile medical clinics throughout the north of Haiti. Over 70% of Haitiens live in rural areas with almost no medical services. These mobile clinics target 40 rural communities around Cap Haitien. 

Every two weeks Dr. Rodney and a team of volunteer nurses travel up to three hours to reach the remote areas where medical services are provided to up to 300 people in the local community. In addition, Health Awareness Training workshops are provided.

We also support Dr Rodney's IMED Nurses Training school where future healthcare workers are being trained for deployment throughout Haiti. 

How you can help - Please call us to discuss how you can be involved in this high impact program - or if you wish to participate in a Medical Team to Haiti from time to time.