Our Field Operating strategy is a "participatory" approach with local leaders to - design, develop, implement and manage community development programs that promote and encourage long term sustainable solutions. Our aim is work with a local bussiness advisory council to assess opportunities and develop priorities that meet the needs of the community.

We believe that the key to developing long tem sustainable solutions - begins with partnering with local leaders that have a proven track record - of leadership and business success in their own community. 

To achieve our objectives, we are in the process of completing a secure compound from which to manage our operations in Haiti. Once operational, our compound will be able to host - skilled tradesmen to instruct at our Training Facility for Trades. In addition, we will be able to "host" visitors who wish to explore "first hand" specific opportunities for involvement. 

We also plan to provide training programs for improved farming. This will include both improved farming practices as well as the potential for cash crops. The back section of our property is particularly well suited for - gardening and experimental crops.