Our website has been redesigned to reflect our current community development activities and future opportunities for sustainable development.

Our previous Microcredit focus has been very successful in Bangladesh - and has resulted in over 300,000 people being impacted annually by our Microcredit and Healthcare programs - in a self sustaining manner. 

Over the past two years our experience has shown that a more multi-faceted approach to community development is necessary to help the poor climb out of poverty. Accordingly, Empower Global is moving forward with Microcredit as only one facet of community development.

Our greater focus on a multi-faceted approach is reflected in - the "Graduation Model". This approach is designed to help the poor begin their climb out of poverty - one step at a time. Therefore, the program is known as the "staircase out of poverty".


We look forward to working with our supporters and partners to - help the poor begin their journey out of poverty - one step at a time.  


Together we can do more - please partner with us.